frequently asked questions
MySupply, developed by Stora Enso, is a free to use online ordering tool for wood products. The solution enables both customers and Stora Enso sales persons to place orders directly into the system anytime, anywhere. Plus, the system gives the advantage of seeing Stora Enso’s live-stock situation.
  • any device with internet access and a browser
  • in case of MS Internet Explorer from version IE10+
  • all iOS iPad/iPhone & Android & Windows tablet/mobile devices are supported
  • for optimal viewing we recommend using devices with a minimum of 7-inch display
Please contact relevant sales team (by phone, email ...) with request to unlock your account.
Contact details you can find on country specific MySupply pages.
At first select the PRODUCT CATEGORY, next "click" to Product row on the required length. Finish selection of products. Click the "shopping trolley" icon and on ordering page fill in your purchase order reference (mandatory), select delivery address, check or modify number of the packs of required products and finally click on the button "confirm order".
You can click on the menu "Other Stora Enso sites" on top of the page and select appropriate item.
Yes, you can, but there are some limitations. On the "New Order" page you can select products stored in your device from last on-line connection, order will be sent only when internet connection is restored.